• In each phase of the feminine
    and lunar cycles

    specific energies emerges

In each phase of the feminine and lunar cycles, specific energies emerge

By recognizing the energies of the feminine and/or lunar cycle(s) you can experience your thoughts, emotions, relationships and projects in a more functional way. Both cycles matter because they have similar patterns, which we can align ourselves with. What’s more, the lunar cycle constantly influences us, even if we don’t have a menstrual cycle or a uterus or we are menopausal.

As you become aware of how these feminine and/or lunar energies move within you, you will notice that their characteristics change week-by-week as you move from one phase to another. Every fortnight you will see how these energies come to represent the opposing forces expressed by black and white faces of the moon.

By integrating this increased awareness into your thoughts and actions, you will learn to live your cyclical essence more effectively, access your hidden and unused resources and fulfil your dreams, needs, goals and aspirations.

The Gine Coaching® method can help you do all this and thus rediscover the natural cycles in their different facets as a resource you can use practically and on purpose in all areas of your life according to your most immediate priorities. It integrates the action-oriented coaching approach with the embodied awareness that we are cyclical in nature and functions based on 4 key concepts to unlock the ability to reach transformative goals: planning, action, relationship, revision, corresponding to the 4 phases which are typical of both of these natural cycles and the best practices of project management.