4 Women whitin you - The energies of the moon phases

Like all living things, we women are affected in different ways by the four phases of the moon, which in its orbit around the Earth shows us its surface lit up by the sun and appears as a full moon when the Earth is between the moon and the sun or as a black moon, i.e. not visible, as it hides its surface in its shadow when the moon is between the Earth and the sun.

Research into the effect that the female and lunar cycles have on our feelings, emotions, thoughts, impulses and behaviour has shown a strong correlation between the characteristics of both of these cycles in each of the four phases. The results of those studies show that whether we are referring to the cycles of the moon or our own menstrual cycles, we women live in a continuous state of transition between the aforementioned four phases, which we are propelled through by energies so different from each other that during a month period, we appear to ourselves and to others to be four different women:

Pre-ovulation - First Quarter Moon
Spring, carefreeness, "going outward"

This is the phase when we feel youthful, dynamic, inspired, focused, proactive and open to new learning. With these individualistic energies we are oriented towards doing, producing, analysing details and finding rational solutions ("action").
Point of caution: You are likely to have surplus energy during this phase, which may influence you towards greater impulsiveness, i.e. there is a higher probability of you making rash decisions that exclude the point of view of significant others.
Calculation of days: 7th to 13th day from the start of menstruation or a period from 3 days before the first quarter moon to 3 days after it.

Ovulation - Full Moon
Summer, creation, "staying outside with others".

Our ability to stay, care, support and enrich projects and interactions is strengthened in this phase. These empathic energies support us in teamwork, difficult conversations and negotiations ("relationship").
Point of caution: Your openness to the outside world can confuse you with regard to your priorities and needs, and risks reducing your motivation towards your goals.
Calculation of days: 14th to 20th day from the start of menstruation or a period from 3 days before the full moon to 3 days after it.

Menstruation - Black Moon
Winter, wiseness, "staying inside with ourselves"

This is the phase of the "wise woman" and of a meditative attitude, in which the focus of our physical energies shifts from the outside world and turns inward to the inner world. This increased capacity for introspection and contact with our core values and motivation is ideal for planning what we want to achieve ("planning").
Point of caution: Striving to meet the expectations placed on you by the outside world to respond to its demands can rob you of precious energy when doing the things you want to do.
Calculation of days: 1st to 6th day from the start of menstruation or a period from 3 days before the black moon to 3 days after it.

Pre-menstruation - Last Quarter Moon
Autumn, awareness, "going inward"

Physical energies drop, intuition, self-awareness and assertiveness increase in this phase. These energies support us in identifying problems and finding creative solutions making this the ideal phase to free ourselves from any limiting and distracting factors that may prevent us from achieving our goals ("revision").
Point of caution: The fall in physical energy you experience in this phase may prompt you to be selective in your commitments and avoid potentially difficult situations or conversations.
Calculation of days: from 21st day from the start of menstruation until the next menstruation or a period from 3 days before the last quarter moon to 3 days after it.

If you would like more detailed information, I would suggest reading the book "The Optimized Woman" by Miranda Gray .