• Get to know your cyclical nature and use it with greater awareness: make the most of your cyclical energies with Gine Coaching®

Get to know your cyclical nature and use it with greater awareness: make the most of your cyclical energies with Gine Coaching®

Gine Coaching® is a method which I have tailor-made for women

The Gine Coaching® method helps you to approach your goals in sync with the phases of the lunar and/or feminine cycle(s). It enables you to make the best use of your energies to define, review and fine tune your action plan during each coaching session and to execute it between sessions.

This is because, when you use the 4 key concepts of action relationship, revision and planning in harmony with the cyclical energies, you can reach your goals with minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

GINE COACHING® is a self-development service that combines the practicality and goal-oriented nature of coaching together with the emotional and physiological focus of counseling fusing them together within the framework of the natural cycles (feminine and/or lunar).

I have created this method in line with my personal development project as a woman who is aware of her cyclical nature cand who values transforming words into actions. I would like to share my perspective with every woman who joins my Gine Coaching®. In this way you will become an active member of a wider community and movement spreading the awareness of the power of living in harmony with our natural feminine and lunar cycles rather than in opposition to them.

As part of this project, I welcome women who feel a strong urge to transform personal or professional aspects of their lives, evolve their dreams into visions and then realize these visions step by step constructing chains of concrete and effective actions supported by healthy thoughts and conversations.

 "It is a path that I recommend to every woman, especially to be in harmony with the four women that we become with each cycle. A path to accepting oneself, understanding oneself and not feeling guilty. With the help of Liana, a woman with a big heart, we can reflect and act, making the most of our cyclical energies! Don't miss the opportunity to love yourself with Gine Coaching®!"

“The Gine Coaching® programme accompanied me in a moment of great change in my life and profession... I was accompanied by Liana in small steps, with concreteness and simplicity and I found myself achieving great results. Sometimes I started the session with a great confusion in my head and at the end of the session that confusion had been transformed into opportunity. Slowly all the pieces of the puzzle found their place and I gained valuable tools that now accompany me in my daily choices and have helped me to develop greater awareness! I recommend it to all women on the road to personal growth!”